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How to Get Paid to Play Video Games on Twitch

IntroductionDoes anyone sit and watch people playing video games all day? Yes, millions of people actually do. Over 15 million viewers daily visit live streaming sites like Twitch to watch games, tournaments, talk shows, casual solo sessions, and more. Just like YouTubers, Twitch streamers are a new breed of online celebrities with legions of dedicated fans who tune in to the platform to watch their favorite streamers. Many of these personalities have reputed sponsors and millions of fans in both Twitch and social media. While not all make it to the NFL and NBA, anyone with a modern game console and passion of gaming, can be a Twitch streamer. What is the best thing about being a Twitch streamer? Of course, you are doing what you love and you have the celebrity status. Is that all enough? Twitch streaming is not just for entertainment; it is an excellent way to earn money online. If you are addicted to gaming and have a combination of other skills like good communication, business skil…

Protecting Multiple Domains and Sub-domains

Protecting Multiple Domains and Sub-domains Simplify and Save with Future-proofSSL Solutions
As your organization grows, chances are you’ll add domains and sub-domains. We know how challenging—not to mention expensive—it can be to try and keep track of multiple SSL Certificates, possibly bought from different providers, issued by different Certificate Authorities (CAs)and all expiring at different times. Not to worry—there are solutions specifically designed to simplify your life and save you money. Before we dive into these solutions, let’s cover a few basics.