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HTTPS Phishing: 49% of Phishing Websites now sport the green padlock

We need to have a clearer discussion about HTTPS and the green padlock. Every month it seems like we hit a new milestone in the internet’s mass migration from HTTP to HTTPS with more and more websites adopting SSL/TLS and securing their connections. Unfortunately, today we’re reporting a far more dubious milestone: nearly half of all phishing websites are now using HTTPS, too.
And while this was always inevitable, given the fact that HTTPS has become the new standard, it still casts a light on an issue that is going to plague this industry until we start to have a more frank discussion about HTTPS:
Secure ≠ Safe.
If you’re a regular reader of Hashed Out you know this is a point we’ve belabored, but one that still bears repeating. So, today we’re going to do that. We’ll talk about HTTPS, people’s misperceptions about it and what we need to do better as an industry to correct those misperceptions moving forward.
Let’s hash it out.
Nearly half of all phishing websites now use HTTPS HTTP…

3 Good Reasons to Get SSL Before the Shopping Season Gets Revved Up

This year’s holiday sales are predicated to ring in at more than $123 billion marking some of the best growth rates in recent years. Optimism is up, and this year features the longest-possible number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 32 to be exact. If you’re like most ecommerce business owners, you want to grab more than your fair share of this hearty pie.
Source: Statista and eMarketer

You Need Every Advantage Online While shoppers are feeling good about spending this holiday season, they have lots of competing option. You need to do everything you can to make it easier and more convenient for shoppers to buy from you. Desktops still account for most sales, but mobile is gaining. It’s predicated that 44 percent of 2018 holiday spending will be done using a mobile device.

Source: Adobe Digital Insights: 2017 Holiday Recap

You might also be surprised to learn about a trend known as Black November that shows more sales happen in November than December. That means the time to make…

Safe Online Shopping (for Idiots!) – Don’t get scammed this holiday season!

Safe Online Shopping (for Idiots!) – Don’t get scammed this holiday season!
An idiot’s guide to safe online shopping. You know, for your friends. As we approach the holidays, let’s talk about some safe online shopping tips – for idiots. Around the world, November and December are the peak months for online shopping. In Asia, November 11th, or 11/11, is Singles’ Day – the largest single online shopping day in the world. And in the West, Black Friday and Cyber Monday – as well as the entire lead up through Christmas on December 25th – bring a steady stream of shoppers through e-commerce storefronts and digital marketplaces for a solid month.
I could waste a paragraph waxing poetic about how the crowds and inconvenience of interacting with other human beings in a mall or brick-and-mortar retail location is loathe to our modern day, digital sensibilities and that as a result online shopping has become ubiquitous – but you already know that. You also already know that safe online shopping…